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19 DAYS!!!!!

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It hasn't fully hit me yet that I'm getting married in roughly 2 and a half weeks! Things are finally wrapping up and coming together and I couldn't be any more excited. I used to have weird anxiety dreams that things went wrong just hours before the wedding, but thank God they stopped. Now my FH is having anxiety dreams lol. How have you ladies handled the nerves, jitters, and last minute anticipations of your quickly upcoming nuptials?

Re: 19 DAYS!!!!!

  • FI has caught me talking in my sleep about envelopes and table numbers LOL

    We aren't really stressing out yet - still about a month to go. It's our parents that are starting to freak and worry. I've been super organized throughout the planning so I feel pretty in control and ready to tackle what's left on my list - of course we all know there are bound to be some unexpected curve balls! We just keep reminding ourselves WHY we are getting married and that the rest will fall in to place or it won't; either way at the end of the day we will be happy :)
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  • I am TOTALLY freaking out. Not about anything in particular. I think I'll get everything done, and things are coming together well... but, it's all I think about! And, I have little anxiety attacks where my heart starts racing... I'm hoping a zen feeling will settle in any day now and I won't have to feel this way for another 2.5 weeks! I'm trying to handle it by changing what I say out loud from "I'm so nervous/anxious/worried/whatever" to "I'm so excited!" hope that helps!
  • I'm down to 10. I can count the days on my fingers. 




    But honestly, I think I've freaked out maybe twice the past couple months. I try not to let it get to me by using a few ways:
    -(most important) telling myself this is not a big deal (even though it is). By telling myself this whole thing isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things, I relax. OMG WHAT KIND OF NAPKIN FOLD WILL I HAVE?! Take a chill pill. Doesn't really freakin matter.
    -remembering I have a DOC I hired and it's her job to freak out, not mine
    -working out

    That's my plan for the next 10 days. My linens are part of the contract with my reception space and I found out on Friday the linen company didn't have my contract on file (some chick who was working there left a couple weeks after speaking to me and I was one of the many she didn't complete). I got pissed/freaked out/nervous, naturally. But I realized, they're going to make it happen, there's still two weeks, and it takes less than an hour to fill out a contract. No biggie.



  • I too am down to 10 days and officially freaking out about EVERYTHING!
  • Misery loves company :) It's comforting to hear I'm not the only one freaking out!
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