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daily burn workouts...

any one doing these? I got the recommendation from another Knottie, so I checked it out and it looks promising. They have a free 30 day trial, which I signed up for. Afterwards it's $12 a month and you have access to a ton of different workout videos. I'm unable to go to the gym, so this is perfect for me!

Just wanted to see who else has/is doing it and what they thought of it. What kind of results did you get?

Re: daily burn workouts...

  • I do them, although I've also mentioned them on here before so it may have been me that suggested it. 

    I actually just completed one of the Cardio ones, a 4 week one I think and I lost 10 lbs. Of course, I wasn't really pushing myself so I'm pretty proud of that 10 lbs!! I will say that by week 4 I was ready to try some new workouts and have played around with some until I find one I want to stick with. 

    I've used DB multiple times and I would use it again. 
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