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Save the date and invitation conundrum...

I sent my save the dates out fairly early because I am getting married 2 days after Thanksgiving and my sister/wedding planner said I needed to give people plenty of time to arrange their vacation days.  Recently I worked for a company that closed its doors in our town.  There were a group of us that were pretty close at that time, we worked together, hung out together, so I sent them save the dates, but now it seems now that we are drifting apart.  For most of them I am going to give it more time, see if we get our friendships back the way they were (some I have not spoken to, not for lack of trying, since I sent the save the dates out.  However, this past weekend I got together with some friends and one was one of my former coworkers (my fiance is out of state at school so he wasn't there).  My issue, is that he publicly hit on me, and tried to kiss me.  I have no attraction to this man and fully love my fiance, and I not only feel betrayed by what he attempted to do, I am incredibly uncomfortable now.  I thought he was my friend, but he obviously had no respect for me or my fiance.  I know etiquette states that I should send him an invitation anyway, but I just don't think I can do that.  Again, I know November is a ways away, but what are your thoughts on having to send invitations to people who I may not have contact with from now until November, and for having to invite someone who did something so blatantly rude & disrespectful?  Or do you think I'm overreacting?

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  • My matron of honor has already given me her opinion, which is NOT to invite him.
  • I'm prepared for that, I feel like he doesn't respect me or any boundaries that should be obvious once someone is engaged or married....I think I just wanted to hear it from someone else...thank you...
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