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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

I'm addicted...

...to looking at my wedding pictures/ video. I can't help it! I also dropped off all the disposable cameras that were on the tables at the reception today and will get those back next week and can't wait to see those! It's like crack to me!

Anyone else addicted to looking at their wedding photos?
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Re: I'm addicted...

  • LOL i have been married for a year and a few days and i am still obsessed with looking at my pictures.My video is something i will cherish forever bc its kind of like reliving the day :)

  • Yup, still look at ours all of the time. We are still (yes, still) deciding which ones we want enlarged, etc.
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  • How about creating a wedding album - e.g. on inkubook.com or blurb.com?  Even though we got a small binding from our photographer, it still is a lot of fun putting together a 120 pager :)

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  • Sigh, I'm still waiting for the photographer to put the photos up on his website, and we've been married since 9/5!  Because he's had four weddings in a two-week period, he probably won't put them up for another two weeks or so.

    As for the video, the videographer wants to put our HM pics on it at the end, and our HM isn't until 10/28, but as soon as I get back and give him the pics, it shouldn't take long for him to finish it.  I can't wait to see it; like Jenni83 said, it will be like reliving the day over and over again!
  • I'm only 11 days out and I've been addicted to looking online and all the family pictures people have posted!  Our photographer was suppsed to take 4-6 weeks to get them out to us, but they went out in the mail to us yesterday and we should get them tomorrow!  I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve!!!
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  • Its been just over a year and I am still obsessed with looking at our photos! I am thinking I have to do a TTD which would be really exciting because then I get even more photos to obsess over!
  • I'm glad its just not me!  Been married since 9/11.  This is my first time on the board since and it makes me kind of sad that it's all over : ( 

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  • Oh yes.  Very much so.
  • Oh absolutely!  My husband laughs at me now because he'll randomly find me sitting on the couch smiling with the album in my hand!  And usually when I look up and see him, I get all teary-eyed that our big day is really over!!

    I haven't gotten my video yet - but I already prepared him that when he gets home from work he will likely find me on the couch with a box of tissues and the DVD on loop LOL
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