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How Much Time to Address Invites?

edited February 2015 in Invites and Paper
How long did it take you to address all your wedding invitations?   My wedding is in early July and I'm trying to put together a timeline for ordering, addressing and sending out invites in a timely manner.   


Re: How Much Time to Address Invites?

  • manateehuggermanateehugger
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    edited February 2015

    I just wrote them out by hand with a nice pen. Took me like 2-3 evenings with H's help. I probably could have done it in one, but my hand got tired. I had about 100 I sent out.

    You're within 4 months, so I would definitely look to start ordering. You'll want to mail them around 6-8 weeks out.

  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall
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    A couple days.
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  • I do not recommend doing more than twelve at one sitting.   Just hand address about a dozen iin the evening, and you will be done in no time.  The hardest part is getting the list of addresses.
  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's
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    It took me and my Mom one night to address everything.  Well actually my Mom addressed them all and I did the stuffing of the envelopes.  We just took our time on them through the course of the evening.

    But I do think you should get a bit of a move on with ordering the invites.  Depending what type you go with and where you get them from you may have some assembling to do.

  • I think it depends on how you're addressing them. It took me one night to write out our Save the Dates because they were postcards and I used my normal print handwriting.

    I'm planning on calligraphing our formal invitations, so I would think it would take much longer. I plan on trying to do 5-10 a night.
  • thisismynickname2thisismynickname2 City By The Lake
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    I spent one entire night after work (about 1-2 hours) writing my address on all the envelopes for RSVPs. I spent a second entire night after work (another 3 hours) writing guests' addresses. I had 50 invitations. 
    Now-husband assembled them and applied stamps and sealed the envelopes. And told me if something was too sloppy and I should re-do one, until I said, "Then YOU write them." He left it alone after that. 

  • We ordered our invitations (a pdf file) off of Etsy. After I filled out her wedding info form and emailed it back we received our pdf file in 2-3 days. I then sent the pdf file through our local copy shops file uploader that I used for my STD's and with the sizes and quantity. I received my quote the next day, had proofs the day after, then had my actual invites and stuffers in hand the following day. Our Etsy designer allowed 2 edits but we didn't use them.

    For the addressing of our envelopes, I know that its not "wedding ethical" but I ran my envelopes through our home printer using a font called/similar to lucida calligraphy that I also used for my save the dates. Took me 2 days to assemble, print on the rsvp envelopes, print on the invitation envelopes, then put everything inside.
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  • It all depends on how you plan to do it. We did a kit from Party City, I spent one night printing the invites out. With creating the wording, finding the right font & then printing 100 invites out I think I spent about 2 hours on that. Then the next night I did the RSVP cards, again I think between designing them (with help of online template) I spent around 1-2 hours doing those. The envelopes took me longer. I was able to print right onto the envelopes but I had to type in each address new for each envelope, but that allowed me to pick a nice calligraphy font and it looked so nice. That probably took me 3-4 hours total. Since I figured out how to print on the envelopes I also printed on the RSVP envelopes our address plus the guests address for the return address. This came in handy because we had a few guests with similar names and one guest who forgot to put their name on the RSVP card. But I figured if something happened and the RSVP card didn't get delivered to us & was "return to sender" the guest would get it & know we didn't get their RSVP. Again that probably took me about 3 hours or so.  So I probably went a little above and beyond since I was able to print on the envelope but for me it was easier and nicer looking then writing them out because I don't have the best handwriting. Putting the stamps on everything maybe took me 15 minutes. Assembly was probably 30-45 minutes. I only had invite, rsvp card, rsvp envelop and a business card that had our website address on it for directions, hotel, etc info.The business cards took me probably 30 minutes to make

    For me, doing one step per day, made it less stressful.

  • mrscomposermrscomposer Mani-snow-ba
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    It took (I think) about two days to assemble the invitations (front/back/cardstock) and stuff the envelopes, but it was two of my days off, so it was probably around 10 hours or so.  Addressing was the fast part - it only took a couple of hours, because I used my normal, nice handwriting and just motored through.  We also had a rubber stamp for the back of the envelope, so it took probably about an hour to stamp them (in batches) and let the ink dry so it wouldn't smudge.

    I'm the type of person who starts a project and just goes straight through until it's done, though, so doing a one step a day would have made me wonder when it was ever going to get done. 

    And the suggestion to just address 12 an evening?  Lawdy lawdy, it would have taken me two weeks just to address them.  Good grief.  Once you're in a groove with something, just keep going :)

    **The OMH formerly known as jsangel1018**
  • MyNameIsNotMyNameIsNot Atlanta
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    Mine were knocked out in one night between me, my mom, my H and my sister. We killed close to 3 bottles of wine doing it, though. 

    That was stuffing and addressing about 100 invitations. 
    haleyk620[Deleted User]
  • I just started addressing ours for our 6.20.15 wedding. I agree with some of the PP that it gets difficult to do too many at a time. I have found that I can completely assemble 25 (addressing envelopes/stuffing/adhering stamps) in about one hour. The past two nights I have done this and plan to do the same until I have them all finished.

    Definitely plan on ordering your invites soon though to allow yourself enough time!
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  • I did them over probably the past month, not more than about 10 at a time. It took a while to get addresses from all of FI's people, which is part of why it was spread out so much. But I definitely think it's better to give yourself more time than less. I had to re-order part of our invitation suite because an address issue, and I'm glad I had plenty of time to do that. 
  • fwtx5815fwtx5815 cowboys nation
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    I did the calligraphy on both the inner and outer envelopes for our invitations (about 45 of each) and it didn't take too long to get through. I did about 10-15 per night, but I would have been more productive if I didn't have the TV on while doing it (and also my Fi was always there and between him being around, downing wine, and our dogs running around, I was always distracted.)


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