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How long for Engagement photos?

Does anyone know how long the acceptable turn around time is for engagement photos? We had ours done almost 5 weeks ago and still have not received getting very concerned eith delayed

Re: How long for Engagement photos?

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    What does your contract say? If you don't have one then you are sort of stuck. Have you politely asked the photos when you can expect the images? If you are using this photog for the wedding I would reconsider - 5 weeks is a long time for e pics if you ask me.

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    The timeline is not listed in contract. Wedding photos state up to 12 weeks. I have emailed and called, no response. Im starting to get very concerned about her professionalism and response time. Thanks for the feedback!
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    My photographer said 2-4 weeks for e-photos. She said they would get them as fast as they could but give this as an estimate to all their couples just in case.

    5 weeks for e-photos sounds like a long time.
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    We saw 20 something pictures online within a couple days. Proofs were ready in a week, but we're 2 hours away so they mailed us a cd of the proofs so that took an additional week. In the end, we still had them within 2 weeks. Five seems a little excessive.
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    What did your contract say? Ours took about 3 weeks. 
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