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Dying Your Crinoline & Different Style Dresses...

Hey all!  I am in the process of finding my wedding gown.  I am having a Halloween wedding, with my main colors being black, silver, purple, and white.  My accent colors will be orange and green.  I'm looking to have a more classic Halloween wedding, so more black and white than anything else.  I have been toying with the idea of wearing a white dress with black lace either on the overlay or just in hints up the sides.  However, I've also been considering wearing a white or ivory dress, with a dyed crinoline or petticoat, black ribbons in the corset, and a black sash. 

Has anyone had any experience with dying or purchasing a colored petticoat or crinoline?  How did your dress turn out?  Also, any brides out there who've worn black?

Thanks for the input!

Re: Dying Your Crinoline & Different Style Dresses...

  • I LOVE the idea of a dyed crinoline and totally plan on doing that myself, though I'll probably go with navy blue under a knee-length gown. I think it's an awesome way to take a more formal silhouette and make it more fun, plus it adds a more personal "pop" to the traditional dress.

    I think that will also keep people's surprise at your non-traditional look in line...not that you should bother worrying about what they think :) It'll also be a more clearly defined look that others won't have...I would totally be that guest wearing black lace to a Halloween wedding if I didn't know the bride was going to do it!

    You must must MUST come back and share where/how you get your crinoline if you go that route. Good luck!
  • Thank you, @wesnick !  I definitely will share what I come up with!  I just think it would be an awesome detail to add!  I'm all about adding a little "pop" to tradition!  I was even thinking going with more of a gray/silver type dress, like some of the Sophia Tolli dresses out there.  But I'm worried I'll regret not going with a mostly white dress on the one day I'm allowed to wear it....which is why I think the peek-a-boo and pops of color would be a great middle ground! 

    Weird, I know, since I'm having a somewhat non-traditional wedding...hehe. Thanks for your input!
  • I honestly love either idea!  I imagined the black overlay being like a spiderweb pattern that kind of creeps up from the bottom of your dress, and there are so many things you could do with a dyed crinoline! 

    We're also having a Halloween wedding and it's a full on costume affair.  I'm going as Anne Boleyn and have having a medieval style gown made in red and leopard print.  I considered black at first but FH's favorite color is red and I'm a leopard print nut so it's the best of both worlds. 

    Can't wait to see which option you choose!
  • Thanks, @BrinkyDink16 !  Actually, I went in a different direction; the dress I chose was not what I thought I'd like, but when I tried it on, it was just perfect and it fits my Halloween-New Orleans wedding theme amazingly!

    I am going to tie in some black- including a black sash & a black veil- which I am in search of, but am SOOOO excited for!  It's going to be awesome!

    I love the sound of your dress and your entire wedding theme!  So cool!
  • @edenisle  I LOVE the sound of a black veil.  That's going to be so awesome.  

    At this point I don't think I'm doing a veil of any sort.  The original dress I liked had a "widow's hood" on it but it wasn't detachable and I really didn't want a heavy hood hanging down my back for the whole rest of the day.  I don't really have any other ideas for head wear that would fit my costume or theme.
  • I'm not dying my crinoline, I'm having it removed and replaced with peach...shortening the dress to ballerina length in the front and keeping the long train in the back. We are having a rockabilly theme, so the length will fit better

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