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Hi! I've been reading through some of these posts and you ladies are SO helpful. I'm looking for a venue for my wedding reception, and some of the similar posts were helpful, but everyone is looking for something different. So I thought I'd list what I'm looking for and if any of you know of any venues that match what I'm looking for, I'd be grateful if you'd let me know! The vendor list on is a good start, but I know there are some "hidden gems" that you only hear about through word of mouth.

Here's what we're looking for:
*Indoor venue (November wedding) for about 150 guests
*Max budget (including food, set up, linens, rental hall fee, nonalcoholic drinks) is $6500--that works out to a max of $43 per person including tax/gratuity, or about $34 per person before tax/gratuity
*Buffet dinner
*Someplace that is beautiful on its own and doesn't need a lot of decoration
*A wedding coordinator/MC that is attentive and flexible

Ideally we'd like to do the reception for less than $5000 but we made our budget more realistic. Anyway, if any of you thrifty brides found a great venue that fits our budget, let me know!

Thanks :)

Re: Inexpensive Wedding Venues

  • What area of pittsburgh are you looking to have your wedding in? The venue I am having my reception at sounds like it fits all of the criteria you are looking for, but it is also close to an hour from the city (east)

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  • Our wedding will be in Dormont, and we're looking for a reception venue within a half hourish drive. Most of my extended family is driving in from out of town so we don't want to make them drive around more than they have to.
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