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Right now I only have the ceremony and reception planned for guests (excluding events for the bridal party). We want to give guests the option to explore Vegas because most are first timers. Plus we don't want to deal with the hassle of finding that "one size fits all" itinerary. (Some guests are older, some are young, some are bringing children, etc.)

I considered a M&G but I don't think we'll have the time.

Will the wedding day/night be enough?

Re: Wedding Weekend Events

  • You are definitely not required to host any other events. Guests are totally capable of finding things to do to keep themselves busy - especially in this town.
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    That's what I initially thought but I see many on the board hosting additional events. So I wanted to make sure I'm being considerate enough. Did you?
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    I think it's more considerate to give your guests plenty of time to enjoy their vacation and not have to attend a bunch of other demands on their time. I know they're coming for the wedding, but I want everyone to have time to do their own things, whatever those may be, instead of making everyone hang out with me the whole time.

    We're going to see everyone but individually. Like, I'm going to tea at the Mandarin Oriental with my mom and FMIL. We're going to a club with our friends. We're seeing a Cirque show with our parents. Some of the guys are going to shoot guns at one of the ranges. A few of the girls and I are going to go rent party dresses at RTR. Stuff like that. We want to be considerate and spend time with everyone but we thought it was better to make sure we do stuff with people that they actually want to do and not make everything a big group thing so we can be more personal or whatever.

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  • We choose to schedule some "optional" events such as the Meet & Greet, pool, and bachelor/bachelorette parties. We had many guests ask what we will be doing so this is our way of providing some "structured" activities but still giving them freedom to do whatever they want. 
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  • That's what I initially thought but I see many on the board hosting additional events. So I wanted to make sure I'm being considerate enough. Did you?

    We are locals, so not all our guests are OOT.. we are having a totally optional "we will be at xyz bar, come on out if you want!" evening, but besides that nothing is planned for our guests aside from the wedding ceremony and reception. A lot of brides choose to host events, but like PP said, guests also appreciate the freedom to do what they please. Either option is totally okay.
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  • The morning after our wedding we are having a cabana by the pool and brunch, then we are making our way to Nipton (a tiny place an hour out of Vegas in the middle of the desert) where we have an entire hotel booked out (5 rooms!), where we will trek a little and eat the remaining food from Masterpiece and drink whilst looking at the stars. The day after that my husband and I and our son have a house in the Hollywood hills rented for a few nights.
  • They date after we are having breakfast and then a happy hour get together later in the day. None hosted, just tables set aside. After happy hour going to head to Fremont for fun. Just a way to see people again and say thanks.
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  • We are hosting an optional Meet and Greet the night before our wedding, but that's more for our families and friends to get to know each other a bit before our wedding as many of them have never met. I don't think anyone will be expecting any additional events other than the wedding ceremony and reception, so don't stress about it. :)
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    We did our stags down there, other than that we didn't host any other events. People enjoyed them selves.

    I went to my brothers wedding in mexico in oct, and they literally had planned every day but 1 day for us. It was a lot to take in and we both were exhausted. In this sense, I think less is more. :)
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  • M&Gs are fun but totally optional- I only did a ceremony and reception for most guests (RD was only for those in the ceremony and their SOs).  Everything else was adhoc, like after the RD we went to X bar and text the people we knew were in town if they wanted to join.
  • We have a meet and greet planned, and a rehearsal dinner and show (for all gruests), and the wedding. I know that will not leave a lot of time for guests to explore Vegas on their own, but our guests are fine with it. I think it depends on your group. Also, the pre-wedding events are optional of course, so people can skip them if they have other things in Vegas they want to see!
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    We hosted a pizza party in the Vista Suite the night before the wedding. It was completely optional. 

    I'd say about half of our guests showed up. Most people had just flown in that day and wanted to either relax or head out to gamble, which I completely understood.

    We also had brunch the day after the wedding. We sort of passed that around word-of-mouth as it wasn't hosted. It was just, "Hey... H and I are heading to Wicked Spoon for brunch tomorrow. We'll be there around 1:00 if anyone wants to join us." My mom and aunt told people while chatting at the reception, and again, about half of our guests showed up. 

    It was nice to be able to see people before they flew home, and I got to see a lot of cell phone pictures. :)

  • We had a rehearsal dinner for some guests the night before, and that was it.  We made everyone aware of other things we were doing, such as Fremont on Sunday for lunch after the wedding day, but had no other official events.  We didn't want people to feel obligated, since not everyone was staying in the same places, and cabs are not cheap.

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  • Ok so are you posting your non-hosted events on your weddings site? Or word of mouth?
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    Ok so are you posting your non-hosted events on your weddings site? Or word of mouth?

    Word of mouth. If you put it on the website, that makes it look like it's officially hosted. You can't put something on the website and say "non-hosted" without looking kind of rude, so word of mouth is the best way to go. :)

    My mom and aunt spread the word at the reception, which is what our family does at most weddings since we almost always have a "goodbye" brunch the next day. They just said something like, "Hey, some of us are getting together at Wicked Spoon around 1:00 tomorrow if you want to join us for brunch." That implies it's casual and not hosted.

  • We managed to put all of our non official events on our website without it sounding rude. We just got a ton of requests in advance of the wedding of "What are you guys doing the day before / after the wedding / on Friday / on Sunday". We just made sure to say that it was optional and what they should expect to spend if they want to join so it was not implied that it was a formal/hosted activity. It worked out really great for us!
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