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Texas Brides, We need a Texas Country song for our first dance!

I'm getting married in 3 weeks. My fiancee and I are having trouble finding a first song to dance to for our wedding. We love Texas country... If it helps I'm walking down the aisle to Hallelujah by Ryan Bingham, and my bridesmaids are walking down to Weary Kind, also by Ryan Bingham... other artists we like are Reckless Kelly, Pat Green, Cory Morrow, Mickey & the Motorcars, Roger Creager, and Scott Wiggins. We love Let the Good Times Roll by Brandon Ryder, but our friends used that last year. PLEASE HELP!

Re: Texas Brides, We need a Texas Country song for our first dance!

  • I love Ryan Bingham...but the lyrics to Hallelujah...."Put a gun to my head"?  It'a about dying...if you can edit out alot of it then it's pretty.  I don't know, seems like strange choices...but honestly, if it makes you happy, I'm all in!  Good luck and have a woncerful, fun filled day-anyone who loves Texas Music will throw a great party, i'm sure!

  • We're just using the guitar lol, no words
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    LOL! Thanks-I remembered the lyrics say "'s just a song...".  Great song and it will be beautiful for you to walk toward your future husband.  I'm kinda dark and twisted so I didn't mind really.  When I got married to my late husband, about a million years ago, we had "I'd have to Be Crazy" by Willie Nelson as our first dance!  A beautiful song, i will say.

  • How about Wave on Wave by Pat Green?
  • I think maybe it's too fast? I'll be in a mermaid dress, who knows how well I'll be able to move?! We're thinking Crazy by Pat Green? Thoughts?
  • For sure Wave on Wave is a little more 2 step, and that would be tough in your gown.  

    Crazy is beautiful, and much slower.  I think that would be great.  

    And thinking, if you really want to go old school, you can always do I Cross My Heart by George Strait.  
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