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Thank you notes and hand cramp cures

Hello fellow knotties!

I am currently in the process of writing my thank you notes and I find that I get terrible hand cramps after writing 10 or so in a row. I am a teacher, so I hand-write things all the time, but somehow the physical act of writing these notes creates cramps that I've never experienced while writing on a blackboard. My husband (wow, it's still weird writing that!) has terrible penmanship, which means that the task of writing the notes falls exclusively to me. Do any of you have any tips on how to make the process easier, or maybe exercices to help with the cramps?

Thanks a bunch!
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Re: Thank you notes and hand cramp cures

  • Since your husband isn't helping with the writing, he can help with the hand massages :)

    Doing ten at a time isn't so bad, actually - it gives your brain a chance to refresh, too.  I found that the more thank yous I wrote at one time, the more template-like and less personal they became. 

    (Also, my husband doesn't have the best handwriting, either.  But he still wrote his share. Carefully and slowly :) )

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    My husband has bad hand writing. And he still wrote thank you notes. Have him help. No one is grading him.
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    I think people would prefer to have thank-yous from him if they are on his side more than yours, rather than have pretty writing.

    Either that or my poor guests will be screwed. We both have HORRIBLE writing. The job of addressing invites was actually taken away from us by my sister and mother, because they were too embarrassed of my handwriting.

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