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Jason's Deli for Dinner In-Suite Reception?

Does anyone have any experience with having Jason's Deli cater an in-suite reception around dinner time? I've heard good things about their service, I just worry the food will be too "lunch"y. I know they have pastas and such. Originally we were gonna with Masterpiece, but Jason's Deli is a little cheaper (and healthier). I also appreciated how they offered a free tasting (Masterpiece wanted to charge $150). 


Re: Jason's Deli for Dinner In-Suite Reception?

  • I have always used Jason's Deli for breakfast/lunch. In my opinion it is very "sandwich/salad" type of place. I haven't had their pasta before. I have heard amazing things about Masterpiece and the food has always looked very yummy! 
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  • Their portions are huge; we had them cater the bride and groom rooms on wedding day for lunch, bought what we thought would be adequate, and had about double what we needed.  They have some items that are not quite lunch type stuff, but still over all most of the menu is a lunch or very casual let me stop in real quick on my way home for an easy dinner kind of vibe.

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    We tried this place out,  http://www.cuginositalian.com  It was good and I think they offer delivery.  Their italian cookies were yummy.  They also have a catering menu.  
  • Masterpiece didn't charge me a tasting fee... But they said if I booked with them they wouldn't charge me a fee so I never asked if I didn't book how much would it be? I was super glad though their food was delish. Jason's Deli is perfectly fine for an insuite reception, do what you are comfortable with and your guests will just be happy you fed them they don't care what it is. I'm having a grilled cheese bar just because it's what I want :)
  • Hmm that's strange. They wanted to charge me a tasting fee and said ti wouldn't go to my bill. Not sure how you got lucky, but I'd take it. Maybe they just instated it?
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