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My floral package does not include centerpieces, so I decided to go a simpler route to save costs. I found pictures of mismatched single vases on tables with a single flower in them and really liked that. I'll attach my inspiration. When I met with the florist, she suggested doing two at each table with differing heights, and I liked that idea. I got the vases from Goodwill. 

My venue includes a square mirror, and 4 votives. Then I'll have the 2 vases, with single flowers in them. 

I am considering getting some paper flowers, or sola or preserved flowers to scatter around then. What do you think? The florist suggested scattering rose petals but I didn't really care for that idea. 

I guess I like the simple look, but I also don't want it to just look "cheap", like we couldn't afford centerpieces. We could pay for them if we wanted, but I'd rather not break the bank.

So, opinions please? Scatter something or not? Add something else? 

Re: Centerpiece Opinion

  • I think that with the vases, mirror and votives you won't need the petals... I think that's plenty. Plus, will you have table numbers? That will be another thing in the center of the table, which to me is pretty full!
  • I agree you don't need the scattered petals/flowers.  I like the simplicity and it'll leave more room for your guests' plates, glasses, etc.  Add a framed table number and that'll look really nice!
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    Skip the petals. I like the simplicity of it.

  • I wouldn't add petals. Also- I really like what you're doing. We are doing the same thing, but with milk vases :) 
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  • Thanks everyone! Yes, there will be a table number too. Good point!
  • Here is an example from a wedding I was recently in. The girls put them together in between getting ready and photos so we could get them on the tables. She picked all of the vases up at garage sales/goodwill and spray painted some of them. She ordered all of her flowers in bulk and we even made the bouquets the night before with them. I really like your idea and it will turn out awesome I'm sure! Just wanted to show you an example from a real DIY wedding.


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  • Groupings with odd numbers are more visually appealing than evens, but with the table number as your third item you should be fine!

  • I like the look of the sample from lovemesomemonster, and I would also try out some hydrangeas.  They are generally less expensive ($5.00 per stem) and you only need one.  The baby's breath is a great, money saving filler.  I agree with pps, you really don't need the petals.  You said the venue is providing votives.  If they are not in holders, check out Dollar Tree for some really pretty candle holders.  If you switch to tea lights, they have heavy, thick glass sets of two for $1.00.
  • Skip the petals, I think keeping things simple can be very classy. Better to be simple then overkill. The more you add the more expense & work you add too.
  • Skip petals! It looks beautiful!
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