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Shoe dilemma

My problem is that I am two months from the wedding and have not found a pair of shoes to go with my gown.  I have very narrow feet and can't find any shoes that are cute and comfortable enough for my feet not to slide around in.  I've searched all over the web with no luck!  I live in the DFW area, so If anyone knows of a great option, local or otherwise, please help!  Thanks!!

Re: Shoe dilemma

  • Do you have any dressy shoes that fit well in your closet right now?  If your dress is long then no one will see your shoes.  You need to pick something that is comfortable for your feet because you will be on your feet for a pretty long time.  So don't worry about them matching your dress, just worry about finding a shoe that you like, that you could see yourself wearing again, and that is comfortable for your feet.

  • I agree! Go with what's comfortable! Depending on your dress you won't even see them. I'm getting a pair of ankle boots in a brand I LOVE because they are comfy and I'm having a winter wedding in a ballgown.. nobody will see them most likely and I will for sure wear them again! I told my BMs the same thing, wear something that is comfy because we need to keep the party going!

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  • Agreed with the comfort!

    I'm wearing teal converse (with cushy insoles) for the wedding. My FMIL panicked a bit when she found out. (She's very traditional). I then asked her to think of the last couple weddings she went to and whether or not she could tell me what shoes the bride was wearing. She couldn't. Because for the most part your feet will not be seen.

    Do you have a favorite pair of dress shoes that are already broken in and comfy?

  • Agreed with PP, if you have shoes already that are comfy and you can wear all night, do it! I am wearing a pair of super cute heels that I have had for years so they are nice and broken in and I know I can wear them for a long period of time. However, once the spotlight dances are over, I have a pair of glitzed up wedge flip flops that I'll be changing into for dancing the night away!
  • Since her wedding has already passed, I'm going to close this.

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