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Picking a DJ

So I had no idea that DJ's would book up so early and so fast! I am about 8 months out from my wedding and looking for a DJ has been a struggle. After ruling out everyone my friends and wedding planner recommended because they are aren't available, I found only two that are available but I am having a hard time committing. They are places that I found through just searching online so I don't know anyone who has actually used them before. They are both companies that represent lots of individual DJ's so you get "matched" with someone similar to your style AFTER signing a contract. Picking someone without knowing their actual work feels like a shot in the dark and nothing about this puts my mind at ease. They have great reviews online (many many 5 out of 5 ratings) but it almost makes me more skeptical because I wonder if the reviews are on websites that the company has access to and can delete bad ratings? As someone who reads tons of reviews for everything before I buy anything, I've never seen 100% of 5 out of 5 ratings with 160+ reviews. Am I being overly critical? How do you pick a DJ without ever seeing them, hearing their work, hearing about them from a trusted source, or even meeting them (I am planning a wedding from out of state)?!

Re: Picking a DJ

  • @octoberbride1010

    1)  BE VERY careful about companies that say they will "match you" with one of the DJs at some point.  Truthfully, that often means "before your wedding date, we'll find someone to cover it".  

    2)  Another good source for personal DJ referrals are photographers.  Have you asked your photographer yet?  

    3)  What city/area are you in?  


  • 1. That's what I am afraid of. Maybe they have DJ's that "match" our style but if those are already booked, then they will just fill the spot with anyone. I am going to try to find someone else.

    2. That's a great idea! I completely forgot to ask my photographer if she has any thoughts on a DJ. Thanks. 

    3. We are getting married in Central Florida, around Orlando. The area has tons of DJ's! But availability is limited.

    I appreciate your thoughts on the subject!
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