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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Was anyone else dissapointed on their "hair and make-up" day of Wedding?!

Ugh!!! My Wedding was just last weekend...and it was "BEAUTIFUL!" everything went as planned...and even better! Except for one "major" thing...My hair and make-up!!!! Everyone told me how great and beautiful I looked, but I think it's because I was SOOOOO happy...(plus that's what people say, regardless...lol) but I was SOOOOO dissapointed...I even had a trial for it; but when it came time for it-I think lady was more nervous than I was...(she's been doing Brides for over 20 yrs!) and since we had to keep on schedule due to pics, etc...I just touched it up, and made it "my" look as much as possible...but if I had an opportunity to have a "DO OVER" that's what it would be :(
Anyone else?


Re: Was anyone else dissapointed on their "hair and make-up" day of Wedding?!

  • I was.  I ended up doing my own make-up because the girl scheduled to do it (and who did an awesome job at the trial) had a family emergency (understandable) but the salon didn't have a back-up person (boo).  I did fine but it wasn't as fancy as she would have done it. 

    Hair, I liked it in person, I really don't like it in pictures. 
  • my bestie got married this past summer and completely ripped her hair out and redid it before the wedding at the hotel. luckily she had time to redo it! :)
  • I loved my hair. I never really knew what I wanted, but my hair stylist came up with something great.

    However-make up...ugh. Don't even get me started. I let my "friend" do it to me and my bridal party...She assured me that she had everything and every color under the sun to match people's shades and faces. Everything was great for most people. Except my maid of honor...she looked absolutely ridiculuos.. Her face wasa bout 10 shades lighter then the rest of her body. A lot of the pictures we had to turn black and white so you wouldn't notice.

    I never said anything to this "friend" about the  make up, but im pretty sure she knows she messed  up hardcore. I felt my makeup was a little too light too..but it worked.

    That is one of  my biggest "regrets" about the wedding. Trying to save my girls money, and it ended up turning turning into a disaster.
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  • Absolutely.... I cannot stop thinking about it which is sad, it wakes me up at night-I know-ridiculous, its done and over with but all I keep thinking is what if...I would have definitely done something different with my hair and makeup, I keep looking at the pictures and all I like are the ones of us side on or far away if I had my time back I would have gone to other places for trials.
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    Glad you posted this cause I totally have the same feelings!! My hair and makeup girl I had a trial with booked town 2-3 days before my wedding, the agency was able to get me another girl which I tried to be hopeful and think, well maybe this girl will be better...nope! My hair was pretty but lacked any volume (which the other girl aced!) and I asked for the bridal bronze glow with dramatic eyes, w/ a picture, well I ended up with pale & blah (I could have done better!) and didnt really notice it until family and friend pictures started to surface (such a busy day I just went with the flow)! I was sooooo bummed about it for a long time and when I see other girls now, who are getting married they look absolutely stunning, exactly what I wanted to look like, who did they go to?!! haha But at the end of the day, at least I didnt like a clown and looked like myself...I have to tell myself, I'm sure no one would think much different of how I looked overall on the day and I am my worst critic! And how many women look back on the wedding days from many years ago and chuckle at the styles and fashions :)  Glad we have fellow brides that can relate!!
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