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Decor Set up and Tear Down

We are having our wedding at a private family farm, and tent, tables, and chairs rental. We are responsible for setting up tables and chairs and taking them down.

I am looking for someone who can carry the chairs from the reception to the ceremony (short distance, but 300 chairs) and then someone who can help tear down the tables, chairs and decor at the end of the night so we, and or our families don't have to do it the next day. I looked into day of coordinators, and all are over my price range and or going to want to do more than what I need done.

If I could find someone who could stick around during dinner and help clear tables. I would be willing to pay for that as well. Looking to spend $600-800.  Does anyone know of such a thing??

Re: Decor Set up and Tear Down

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    Talk to the company you're getting your rentals from!!  I'm sure that you can negotiate this into your contract and is going to be well worth the add-on pricing. 

    Then I had the brakes moment...  You've got 300 guests, and want 300 chairs moved a "short disdance" in the span of probably 10 minutes (knowing the flow - some will want to stay in the chairs until the last second, some won't sit in chairs, and most people will want to go wherever the reception is and sit down to chat with Great Aunt Gurtie)..  Either rent double the chairs, roll with asking people in your group to move them themselves, or pay the money to the rental company to have someone move them for you...  It's a farm wedding, not a high society gala. 

    THEN, comes the person to buss tables for you -why are you not paying your caterer to do this?!?!?!?  first off - it's not THAT expensive to have a caterer buss the tables for you - talk to the Culinary schools or temp employment services, people in your family, etc. they'll know people who want to pick up side jobs...

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