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Kinks on My Wedding Day

On our wedding day there were a lot of things seemed very chaotic and unorganized - but I don't know if it was just me, or if it seemed like that to everyone else!  A couple people have asked me if everything ran smoothly, which to me is kind of like them saying it didn't seem to go smoothly - did your wedding go smoothly, and if not, do you think guests noticed?  Did other people get asked if their wedding day went without a hitch?

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    Most of the time, the only person(s) that will notice if something did not go as planned will be the bride and groom since they organized/paid for the event. My day went as smoothly as can be. There were minor things that didn't go as planned but nothing that the guests would have noticed. Everyone had a good time and that's what counts.
  • If someone asks if it went smoothly, I think they're meaning to ask, did you enjoy it.  I would respond that you and Fi enjoyed it and the other guests seemed to have a good time as well.
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  • There were little things that went wrong during our wedding day but at the end of it the only people who noticed was me! After the wedding I spent close to a month obsessing over the little things that went wrong, but then realized I'm married to the man of my dreams, who cares if my DIY bouquet partially came apart, and who cares if I didnt get some of the pictures I wanted, and who cares if the officiant didnt tell the guests to sit down once the ceremony started basically wasting the money on the chairs we rented!
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