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Rule of thumb on items to guest ratio


Re: Rule of thumb on items to guest ratio

  • I would suggest that if you have a website associated with your wedding that you add a honeymoon registry. This gives guest the opportunity to put money towards your honeymoon. I am getting married in Kauai and having the honeymoon there as well. So we are registering for our activities. People can put cash towards scuba diving, boat trip, a luau dinner, spa treatments, etc. Then afterwards, we plan to send a thank you note with a photo of us doing that activity. That way people see that their money was appreciated for that activity, that you were thinking of them and are grateful for their gift.

    Saving for a honeymoon should be part of your wedding budget. Asking your guests to subsidize your vacation for you is rude and tacky. If they want to give you money, they will write a check and give it to you at the reception.
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  • I can think of far fewer things in the $10-$40 price range that I would put on a wedding registry than $50-$70 items. So I'm more boggled by why/how your registry price point is so low.

    I guess we have cheap taste? Actually, it's probably the opposite, which is why we already own a lot of the high ticket items. 

    Also, registering on Amazon is part of the reason. The flatware set we registered for was originally a $300 set, but on Amazon it was $120, just for example. We registered for things like a nice set of pyrex storage containers, new baking pans, spatulas, etc. Even good quality versions of these types of items are less than $40. I have always been told that the bulk of your items really ought to be under that $50 mark, so I very intentionally tried to do that. Given that those smaller priced items are going like hot cakes, I think that was the right advice. 
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