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Wedding Recap...

Since the Moderator would like ppl to write a recap of their wedding's & i love talking about mine because i cannot believe it has been 8 months already i thought i would write one.

On my 25th Birthday August 23rd 2008 i became engaged.I chose September 13th 2009 as my wedding date because of the beautiful weather..

The day before my wedding we had a girl's day,we got our nails & toes done,went to the florist for a final viewing and then decided to meet up with the guy's for dinner that way i could see my hubby for one last time before we said goodnight.The night of my wedding was the most stressful night i had while planning,after dinner we stopped at walmart to pick up a few things and by the time we left it started pouring rain.I was so upset ever since i was little i knew exactally where i wanted to get married a beautiful mannor house with gardens in the back,i had planned for an outdoor ceremony so i was extra upset but i wasnt going to let the rain ruin my day.We got back to my house and chatted for a bit before going to sleep,i wanted to be up at 5am so i could shower and get ready for my hair dresser to get to the house.At 6:15am one of my bridesmaids came into my room and woke me up MY ALARM NEVER WENT OFF.I took a shower and got ready luckily everything worked out fine,we all had our hair and makeup done and then headed for the venue where they had a bridal suite awaiting us.

It was BEAUTIFUL outside,the rain had cleared it was the most beautiful day we had all year.We took a few moments to relax and then it hit me that i was really getting married & i broke down in tears,i got myself togeather and my Photographer arrived for pictures,i met my Hubby to be in a secluded area of the gardens just me and him as we had our "moment" while the photographer shot from afar.We did family & wedding party pictures untill about 12pm before we headed back to our suites to relax for a few before the ceremony started at 1pm.Upon arriving each guest was handed a glass of Champaign with fresh strawberries,on each seat i laid a yellow scented rose to show my appreciation and love for everyone who attened.After each guest was seated the music started to play and it was time for my bridesmaids and groomsmen to walk down the isle before us.

As i walked down the isle with my dad by my side i took one look at my husband to be and tears started streaming down my face i thought to myself what more could i ever ask for,at that moment my life was perfect.After the ceremony everyone was led to the Gardens for our cocktail hour,My new hubby and myself were able to attend the cocktail hour for just a few seconds before we were wisked away for private pictures.After the Cocktail hour they were led upstairs for our reception where we were introduced for the first time as Mr & Mrs.Each guest was greeted with a thank you gift bag filled with mini bottles of wine,wedding mints,chocolate hershey bars,a lotto ticket and a special note that read "a loving note can barely say all we've felt this magic day,our heartfelt thanks is sent to you for your thoughtfullness and warm wishes to".We danced to Lonestar 's song "Amazed" because the song just fit so perfect,The guests were served a sit down dinner with a full open bar, & plenty of dancing.

My favorite part of the day was cutting my wedding cake i absolutly LOVED my cake it was a 3 tier wedding cake but it just looked so elegant and pretty, alongside the cake everyone was able to help themselves to a viennese table filled with a huge selection of desserts & a candy station with 14 different candy choices,last they were sent off with a farewell package of coffee,bottled water & a spoonfull of kisses.

My grandmother is very sick right now,they dont even know if she will make it through so i am glad she was able to share our special day with us.

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    Glad you had a great day.  Thank you for sharing!
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    Thanks :) i gotta tell you i LOVE your dress.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Wedding Recap...</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Wedding Recap... : Aww...thank you.  I had so many doubts about it, but I think it ended up being gorgeous.
    Posted by navybaby1113[/QUOTE]

    OMG doubts?! You're crazy, it's beautiful!

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