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We just booked our wedding for September 18, 2016 here! We were really stuck on choosing a date - we knew we wanted to do a month that generally isn't too cold or too hot so a lot of people recommended beginning of June or September.I felt September might be a little more quiet since the summer just ended. But, than she told us the third weekend in October (16th-end) the outdoor restaurant closes so we wouldn't have to share the outside after cocktail hour with restaurant guests. It sounded great, but felt it would be taking a risk as far as being too cool especially since we plan to marry on the beach. I want everyone to be comfortable and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible during the day and the night. When did all of you hold your wedding dates and did you find any issues with the outside area being shared during the reception?! Also, they don't seem very flexible so far…were they more flexible with the food and additions? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank You :)
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