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Dresses House .com??

Has anyone bought a dress from this site? If so how was th experiece? Thanks

Re: Dresses House .com??

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    Hey @laney1018, if you look at where the address of the factory is, it's located in China. Dress knockoffs from China are not considered reputable dealers for wedding dresses and Brides often don't get good quality, correctly made dresses.

    I know its really tempting to use those sites because the dresses are so discounted, but here's a link to what can happen when it goes bad.


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  • A coworker had a good experience with JJ's house but I didn't think the quality of her dress what all that great. Even though it's tempting to pay $100 for a $1000 dress, check out ebay instead for a used dress. Sometimes they also have new. Some altered, some not. Try on dresses at a dress shop to get the style and fit you like, then browse away! Used dresses can be a great way to save on the budget. Good luck!
  • A friend of mine used a knock off site for her wedding and her dress started to fall apart half way through the reception. And this was after she had to have additional alterations done to make it look right after it arrived.

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