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What were your colors?

What colors did you use for your wedding?

Ours were sage green, blush pink, and champagne.

Re: What were your colors?

  • Black, ivory and pinks!

  • navybaby, those are my exact colors!
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  • Midnight, Turquoise, and Lime!!
  • mine were Periodot green & Canary Yellow.
  • soft orange and canary yellow
  • They were supposed to be deep purple and light pink. (eggplant and sugar plum). But the florist messed up the boquets and centerpieces, so they flowers were more fuschia and pink instead of matching the dresses, the programs were printed in bright purple instead of deep purple. So it was all over. I guess shades of pink and purple was the end result.
  • Black, silver, and white with red accents.

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  • Chocolate brown and pink!
  • Canary yellow, cream, and chocolate
  • we had royal purple (lapis) and turquoise/aqua (mermaid)
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  • A combination of maroon and deep red with bling and gold accents.  
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    [QUOTE]Royal Purple, Silver, and Midnight
    Posted by cutypie953[/QUOTE]

    Do you have pictures?? those are my exact colors for my wedding in november
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  • Navy, blush pink, and light green as the accent.
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