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Bridesmaid Dress-- HELP!

Hi Knotties,

I'm getting married this December and recently purchased my dress.  I ended up getting a lace dress and I'm trying to figure out what to dress my girls in!  I've found some satin bridesmaid dresses that I really like but will the bold satin (in dark/emerald-y green, ideally) upstage my more delicate lace?  I want my girls to feel beautiful in the dresses they choose.  I just need help-- anyone have experience with this?


Re: Bridesmaid Dress-- HELP!

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    Nothing will upstage your dress. You're the bride! No one will look at the bridesmaid dresses and think 'wow, they sure upstage the brides dress' 

    if you love them, your bridesmaids love them, and they are within your girls budgets then there is no reason not to get them.
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