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Bridesmaid Dress-- HELP!

Hi Ladies!

I recently purchased my dress (it's lace, fit and flare) and I'm conflicted as to what fabric to dress my girls in.  Right now, I'm leaning towards satin in a dark or emerald-y green.  I'm a little concerned the satin will upstage my more delicate lace but I also love the idea of the contrast!  HELP!  Do you have any ideas, thoughts, advice? It would be so greatly appreciated.  I want everyone to feel beautiful and I do think satin adds to the wintery date.

Best of luck in your planning!

Re: Bridesmaid Dress-- HELP!

  • Honestly, it's whatever you want.  I don't think the bridesmaid dresses would outshine it.  You could always look at pictures and see if you could find any combinations like that.  
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