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Hey there! I'm completely stuck. My FH and I decided we absolutely love the idea of a Rock Concert themed wedding, but having ZERO luck finding an appropriate venue. We're not "country club people" or golf courses, etc. I would give anything to be able to host our wedding at the House of Blues but it is astronomically out of our budget!!! :( Does anyone know of a cool, hip place that's not so cookie-cutter that can hold 130-150 people within 20 miles west/south of Cleveland??? Our wedding is not until Sept 2016, so we have time to look, but not much! TIA! :)

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  • My fiance and I are having our reception at Massimo da Milano (corner of W 25th & Detroit).  For the price, it cannot be beat, seriously!  For roughly $50 per person, this includes: hot appetizers, champagne toast, plated or buffet style dinner, open bar for 5-6 hours, valet parking, tax and gratuity...yes tax and gratuity are included in that $50 per person.  The space is very old school and you could dress/decorate it up for a Rock Concert themed.  Another place to consider is the Ariel International Center.  We originally had this venue booked but I will forewarn you, everything has to be brought there...they have no kitchen and you have to use their liquor prices and they aren't cheap.  If you decide to check out Massimo, contact Lisa there...she is great!
  • Thank you! We looked into Ariel and OMG, their liquor package is crazy! For that money, I'd rather go into debt with HOB! But thanks for the Massimo idea! It is on our list, just haven't got too much info on it yet. :)
  • That is why we decided to eat the $1500 deposit and go with Massimo.  We jumped the gun on booking Ariel and even though we lost our deposit with Ariel  we will still be money ahead...close to $5000-$7000 ahead in going with Massimo vs Ariel.
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    It's probably pretty expensive, but have you looked at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and Museum?  I know I attended a wedding there and they had the reception elsewhere (Ridge Manor Banquet Center in Brooklyn/Old Brooklyn area).  Never hurts to ask.

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    I am getting married 7/3/16 at Hedge Gallery and having my reception at SmARTspace both located at the 78th street studios. Both venues are pretty reasonably priced, and you can bring in your own vendors. The only thing with this space is that it's completely DIY but for the price (450 for Hedge and 1800 for Smart Space) it's a great option for a bride looking for something other than the cookie cutter reception hall. 

  • A friend of mine just booked The Music Box for their wedding next spring. She wanted a similar feel for the wedding. http://www.musicboxcle.com/
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