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Does anyone have any band suggestions within the price range of 6-8k? We would like a band that would be able to play all types of music. We are getting married in Bergen County, NJ

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    Hi! I did a TON of research, and sat through a ton of band showcases, and we finally booked Silver Arrow Band. They are located in NYC but do weddings in NJ all the time. They are not your typical wedding band; they are classically trained musicians that do weddings. I highly recommend going to one of their showcases in the city. They are also affordable, I think because they are not your typical gimmicky wedding band. We are having a LONG reception (6 hours) and they are doing it for under 8000.

  • Hey,

    We booked the Goodfellas. They are only charging us 1200 and they play top 40 covers.

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    Time Machine Band might fall into that price range depending on which package you get.

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  • Thanks everyone! @amt6, someone else recommended Silver Arrow Band as well! We are just waiting to receive their demo in the mail
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