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Help! Engagement Photo Questions!

We are finally doing our engagement photos this weekend. Needless to say, for many reasons, I am not looking forward to the experience. Between my self image issues, weight, and sheer uncomfortableness in front of a camera I am terrified of walking away with zero images I like/can stand.

All that said I am looking for help/ideas. I have already made an appointment with a spa, I will have my hair, make up, and nails all done professionally. However, I have no idea what to tell them to do specifically about the hair. 

You know those girls that go get a blow out and 8 hours later they are still camera ready. Hi, not one of those lucky few. The last time I did get my hair professionally styled with it down the curl and volume fell out in less than an hour. Even when I do it myself and put LOADS of hairspray the curls just leave with in a hour and a half. Add to that I live in Houston (humidity!) and we have problems.

So with that said, does anyone have cute ideas for hair styles. I usually do a pony tail everyday because it is easy but would like something nice for picures. I am thinking a half up/half down style might look good. I will be wearing jeans with a heel most likely, so nothing too dressy but something that will keep my hair out of my face.

Thank you in advance!!

Re: Help! Engagement Photo Questions!

  • I got my hair blown out before our engagement photos and it fell flat, but the pictures still looked good and my hair just looked how it normally does (straight)  I wear my hair in a ponytail everyday, or just down and straight.  So I totally understand your dilemma.  You could wear it up in a bun, or a side swept ponytail.  Not sure what type of hair you have, though!  Try to have your hair done last and remind your hairdresser that your hair is going to fall flat. 
  • Sorry, no advice for you.. My hair does the opposite! I can't keep the volume OUT! I feel like the engagement pics should reflect you and your man as you are, maybe just done up a bit.. so if your hair is straight then why not just do it straight? Or pull a few strands back from your face to make it more of a half up look?

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    I have straight hair, I went and got a trim and just had them blow it out with a round brush. I wanted to look like myself on my best day, but still like me.

    You could do a fun braid that keeps it out of your face.
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