Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Wedding Research paper. Anyone care to help out?

I'm a bit of a wedding fanatic even though I'm in high school. (But don't worry I'm not getting married anytime soon as I don't have the perfect guy yet. It'll be at least not until after college. I just dream big.)
Anyways, for my AP Language and Composition class we are able to choose our topic for our persuasive research paper. It's a huge project. And my topic is to persuade people that the expensive wedding is worth it's value. (My teacher actually loves the idea.) I'd love if some people could give me their reasonings on why the expensive wedding is worth/not worth it? 
So it'd be like an interview online where a couple of questions are asked. Any takers? Money mouth

I already have permission from Knot Justine and Annie to post this also.

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