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Caterers specializing in Cuban/Caribbean food?

I'm trying to nail down exaaaactly what my fiancé and I are doing, and we're in limbo between a private (read: city hall) ceremony and a nice dinner party at a restaurant, or actually dealing with tracking down a venue and hiring a caterer (I say "dealing with" because we are keeping a budget of 6k max). My fiancé is Cuban, and I'd really like to look into any caterers that might specialize in Cuban/Caribbean offerings. I feel like I'm finding a lot of vendors touting New American or Italian or farm-to-table but I haven't come across any that fit this profile. I might just contact some restaurants we've dined at to see if they do catering, but I wondered if anyone had a tip? 

Re: Caterers specializing in Cuban/Caribbean food?

  • Hi!  I'm Cuban and he's Puerto Rican.  We're kind of in the same boat.  We found out that a Dominican restaurant we like to go to caters as well.  We both agreed that neither of our families would be able to tell the difference, as to which island the food came from.

    However.  The management of this restaurant absolutely sucks, and beyond sending us the catering menu, they haven't responded to any of our emails since.  

    So we're looking for new options.  I've been visiting websites of the Latin restaurants in our neighborhood and the adjacent neighborhoods.  I'm making note of the ones that cater and we're going to go eat dinner at them and see if we like the food.
  • Try contacting this place. 

    Although it's in NJ, they catered a wedding at a Brooklyn venue I'm currently looking at. I don't have first hand experience with this restaurant but the girl I spoke to about her wedding says it was delicious. HTH. 
  • I've started getting proposals from Agozar a Cuban tapas place downtown, and Creative Concepts NYC.  Creative Concepts is an actual catering company and Agozar is a restaurant.  Both of them have been really great about budgeting and menu.
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    Thanks for the replies! I'll definitely be looking into these places. :)
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