Help!! Song stealing sister-in-law!

Hello future brides! I need your help, Me and my fiance got engaged in August of 2014. His sister had been engaged for a few years and had no planning done at all. I started to plan right away and had a lot accomplished. The most important part to me was the music, more so the processional music, the first dance and the father daughter dance! I had all my songs picked out, they were perfect! Out of nowhere my sister-in-law decides shes getting married and planned the whole thing in two weeks! She used every song I had chosen for the same parts of her wedding. I'm so upset I have no idea what to do, she says she had no idea those were the ones we picked, is that possible? How common is it that you pick the same songs as your sister-in-law. I didn't make a big deal out of it because thats not the kind of person I am but it really upset me and it has been 4 months since this wedding and is still bugging me. Does anyone have any suggestions on other songs to use or what to do? Any input would be greatly appreciated
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