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ritsy 1920's feel

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I've mostly decided on colors Gold, bronze, charcoal gray and black but can't decide who I want to wear which colors.  I know that I want to be in gold likeimage 

and want my fiance to be in cream like this image

I was thinking about having the wedding party all be in black with accents of gray and gold.  I don't know though, I don't want it to look too drab but also don't want it to be too overboard. 

Re: ritsy 1920's feel

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    A 1920s/Gatsby style wedding is probably the single most popular wedding theme right now, so you shouldn't have a problem finding any of this stuff. I'm not saying you are with these picks, but would caution you on trying to be to "theme-y". A wedding is not a costume theme party.

    If you don't want it to be too drab, add color with your flowers. You could even keep your flowers neutral and have your BMs carry deep red flowers or something. You could carry the red flowers over to your reception, but keep your linens neutral - ivory linens with gold chargers or something.

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    My only criticism of your look (because I do love Art Deco and the 20's) is that it's really hard for most guys to pull off cream suits. But if your FI is game, go for it.


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    I know you said black with gold and gray accents but what about navy? It will be less harsh and can still convey the feel you are going for?
    Pisarro Nights Beaded Flapper Dress) (This is a great brand for 20's dresses)  $148.00 Store:

    The bridesmaids’ dresses: | How To Have The Ultimate "Doctor Who" Wedding Experience

    Dessy Collection Style 2894. I think everything in this Lux Chiffon 1920s look are the PERFECT dresses. And there's 7 of them.

    Here's a black dress that isn't too themey I think
    Gatsby Inspired Black Lace Cocktail Dress #bluevelvetvintage
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    I don't know what the budget for your WP dresses is, but this is the site I go to when I want to look at 20s style things that I have no occasion to wear:

    Maybe you'll see something you like in there.

    I really can't wait to see what you end up with in terms of dress!  Please come back and show us when you've found one.
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