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Anyone been to Appleford Estate in Villanova, PA?

Hi there!  I am an unusual case as I'm trying to book a venue without actually going to it...shocking I know. I live in CA and I want a June date 2016 so I'm on the hunt now for venues near Philadelphia. So far my biggest contender is Appleford Estate in Villanova, PA.

Have you been there? What are the grounds like? Can you see other houses while you're at the venue or is it surrounded by trees? Can you hear the highway or other noise? Were you there for a wedding, how did it all go? The photos are beautiful, I just want first hand accounts! 

Any description would be appreciated!! :0)

Re: Anyone been to Appleford Estate in Villanova, PA?

  • Did you ask in the local wedding board section?  You might get more of a response in the Pennsylvania-Philadelphia board.  Just an idea :)
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