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So I'm planning on getting married in 2016 and am tentatively looking at Bell's Banquets as our venue since they are crazy affordable and kinda funky.  

But I'm in Pittsburgh and Mt. Pleasant is a bit of a trek.  We also have many out of state relatives coming in so we are curious about lodging.  Are there any decent hotels near Bell's Banquets?  Any recommendations for lodging?

Re: Hotels near Mt. Pleasant

  • There should be plenty of hotels nearby because it is very close to new stanton and donegal (turnpike exits).  I know there is a Courtyard Marriott in greensburg about 20 minutes away but there should be closer options as well.  If you haven't gone to visit Bell's yet, make sure to ask about hotels when you do, I'm sure they will have recommendations based on previous weddings!

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  • I'm also looking at Bell's! There is a Holiday Inn about twelve minutes away in Mt. Pleasant.
  • I am getting married at Bells in January 2016, and I asked how close the closet hotel was and the guy told me about 8 mins, and it is very close to all that mentioned above so there are lots of options. I have yet to book anything but if i get more info about particulars I will repost
  • Hi everyone! I'm also getting married at Bell's in August and I'm narrowing down hotel choices now. We had originally planned to go with the Holiday Inn which is about 10-12 minutes from the venue, but after visiting the hotel and learning about their strict wedding party policy, we were a little bit concerned - basically they do not allow visiting other rooms because of a recent altercation between wedding parties. I'm going to check out the Fairfield Inn & Suites, Garden Inn, and Comfort Inn this afternoon. They are all located next to each other in New Stanton. I've also read that people have shuttled guests from the Seven Springs Mountain Resort. Hope this helps!
  • I'm getting married at Bell's in September 2016. I plan on recommending/blocking the hotels in Latrobe. But, I also have few guests from out of town and I know Latrobe better than other areas.
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