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Venue problem: keeping dinner warm

Hey everyone! So I need some advice for our reception's dinner.

We're getting having our ceremony and reception in an old barn. Since it's completely made of wood, the owners have specified that we are not allowed to have an open flame inside.

That being said, how should we serve dinner? I wanted to have a BBQ buffet, but I'm worried the food will get cold between set-up and supper an hour later.

Any suggestions? 

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  • They're called "Nesco"...  Any roaster that you plug in will keep the food warmer than the open flame type warmers anyway!  Plus, you can keep it at a food-safe serving temperature so people actually get hot food that's hot... 

    I'm going to assume by the sound of your post you're DIY the food...  If you watch the sales you can get these incredibly reasonably. 

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