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Wedding Make-Up for Super Sensitive/Dry Skin

My wedding is coming up in a little over a month, and I've got to decide what I'm doing for makeup. I have extremely sensitive skin that will break out in a rash and itch for seemingly nothing all of the time, so I generally don't wear makeup at all (it's just not worth it). Additionally, my skin is really dry so if I wear the wrong things, it seems like every dry patch or flake shows.

That said, I want my skin to look even and nice and done for my wedding... I want to feel like a bride!

Does anyone have any suggestions for foundations especially that I might try? I plan to go early next week to do skin tests on a selection of them (just putting patches behind my ears or on the inside of my wrist to make sure I don't react), and I would love to have some ideas! I'm having a hard time finding anything!

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Re: Wedding Make-Up for Super Sensitive/Dry Skin

  • Have you tried mineral makeup (Bare Minerals or similar)? It wouldn't be my first choice for staying power normally, but a lot of women love it and most people say it's great for sensitive skin. I know Bare Minerals makes a liquid foundation now too, which might be a better fit for you than the loose powder type. 

    I'd also strongly recommend a good primer if your skin is dry or uneven as it'll really help smooth everything out and make the makeup sit on your skin nicely. You'll need to test it as well, of course, but it can make a huge difference too.

    Why not head to Sephora and ask one of the employees there? Those women know what they're talking about and can probably offer great suggestions too. 

    My skin is dryish and somewhat sensitive as well, and I use Urban Decay "Naked Skin" foundation, but it sounds like you're a lot more sensitive than I am so it might not be a great recommendation.

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  • I also have extremely sensitive skin and eczema, so I feel you. I use Clinique everything and have very few issues with it. Most of their stuff is fragrance free and made for sensitive skin.

    Do you have your skin under control? Because if you don't, I would see a dermatologist to get that under control before thinking about make-up. And then while you meet with them, ask them for brand recommendations based on their assessment of you skin. I say this because if you don't have your skin under control, it's going to react to pretty much anything you put on it. 

    If you do have it under control, I would suggest making an appointment to get your make up done with a Clinique MUA (just call the dept store counter and ask for a make up application appt). Just FYI, the appointment is "free", but you'll have to buy 2 products. Try to make the appointment during Clinique Bonus time so you can get a free bag of stuff to try. You have to spend $22 or so to get the bag, but that shouldn't be a problem if you buy 2 things. There's a Bonus time coming up at Macy's starting March 25th.

    Tell them about your skin, what you're currently using and what works/doesn't. Tell them your goals and how you want to look on your wedding day. Bring photos. Do this WAY in advance of your wedding so you can see if you react to what they use. Ask for samples. 

    Good luck!

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