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parent drama... Help!?

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How do I tell my parents I no longer want their financial input in my wedding, because I no longer want their decision input in my wedding? The entire planning process, they've done nothing but put down all my and my fiance's ideas, from theme to location to invitations, and we can afford to cover the whole wedding ourselves if we do it the way we want to, and just cut back a little on decorations and guest list. How do I tell my parents we don't want their help without making them feel unwanted?

Re: parent drama... Help!?

  • "Mom, Dad, FI and I have talked about what we'd like for our wedding. We've kept in mind that this is the only wedding we're going to have and what's meaningful to us, and we both realize that we'd prefer to pay for everything ourselves. That way we can plan the wedding we'd like to have without a power struggle between us. With that in mind, here is the money back that you have provided thus far. Thank you for providing it to us. We still hope you will attend and enjoy yourselves."
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