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Bridesmaid Frustration

Ok so i will make my story short and simple. I am having a destination wedding. a good friend of mine asked to be a bridesmaid. I had no problem but now i am getting annoyed. Everyone has placed their deposits for the hotel room months ago. She has not. At first i did not mind, because she is in the process of starting her new business. But now i am frustrated. I've been helping her with promotion for her classes and I pay (like everyone else) to attend her classes weekly. Despite my budget i make sure i am there to support her because she is my friend. Technically the amount of times I've been there, my payment alone could have been used to pay for half of her room already.What really bothered me is the fact that she recently left the country for a month vacation! I still include her in emails and text along with my other bridesmaids. She either does not respond or says "oh yes i forgot I'm going to place my deposit soon."  Am i being dramatic if i no longer choose to help her with her business? I understand that we all have other obligations, but then what was the point of asking to be in the wedding? Help please 

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    I think you have definitely been patient and understanding with her thus far, especially with going to her classes to help support her business. I would just come right out and tell her that you're genuinely concerned as to why she hasn't made her deposit yet. Reassure her that she is an important part of your wedding and give her a deadline to make the deposit.
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