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Missed out on the Honeymoon..advice to upcoming brides and grooms

Hello All, 
Our wedding is over...we survived. We had ups and downs leading up the big day...but the big day was awesome! Everything went as planned.

When I returned to work and people asked how ever thing went my only response is the wedding went awesome, or the big day was great and they say was something not...and I have to tell the story...of our missed out on honeymoon.

My husband, (a pilot...remember this, its humorous and embarrassing for him..) got sick on our first flight from MN to TX. He asked me for the barf bag, but before I could figure out what he wanted he was projectile vomiting on the plane. So when we got to TX we had to find something new for him to wear, as he had no other clothes in his carry on. Luckily my one carry on suitcase was packed with clothes for me as I had to change as well. He seemed tired that morning as we had only 3 hours of sleep so I really didn't think that our day would turn out the way it did. As we were sitting at the airport to go to Mexico he started getting sick again, he threw up in the airport also. However then he felt amazing so we got on the plane. 

As the plane was taxiing to the runway, I looked over at my husband all excited because we were going to Mexico on our HONEYMOON...and he was pale! VERY WHITE...and sorta sweaty...So I asked him what was wrong and he told me in a very soft voice he thought he was going to pass I flagged down the flight attended for a cool washcloth and told her that he thought he was going to pass out... so she asked is it anxiety, does he fly much? I laughed and said yes, he is a pilot. So at this point we knew something was extremely wrong so we had to call an ambulance to meet the plane back at the gate and we spent our second day married in the emergency room in Texas..not in Mexico in our Honeymoon suite.

Turns out he was really dehydrated and had some sort of stomach bug. 

So my advice to those of you with a wedding in your future...make sure you are drinking the water the whole week leading up to your wedding. We had so much going on with all the decorating and such that water was far from our minds, and that ruined our honeymoon.

We will at some point go away on a make up honeymoon...but it will not be the we'll have been married for awhile and it won't be our relaxing time after our stressful week leading up to the wedding.

I wish you, the person reading this, the best on your wedding day, in your love life and in general.



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