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Masso's Food Quality

I had my eye on Auletto's, did a site tour and love the place and everything they offer, but it's at the upper end of what I'm comfortable spending. Then I got pricing information from Masso's for the Red Pine Inn. It's a completely different ambiance, admittedly nowhere near as nice, but the one appealing and alarming thing is that the price for food and drinks is half of what Auletto's charges! Naturally this makes me suspicious, but the cost savings is mighty tempting. Has anyone ever tried their food or attended/hosted an event with them?

Re: Masso's Food Quality

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    I've have had their food and its good.  But I have not been to an event that they hosted.  The times I had their food, someone bought the trays to serve in their home.  This is assuming that the Masso's you are mentioning is the same as Masso's Deli.  If the deli is the same company, maybe try some of their food that way? 
  • Thanks! It looks like they are indeed related so I'll have to give the deli a try to see how I like it.
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