Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Groom's Parents Left Reception...

Our wedding was yesterday and I think it went well overall.  There were definitely some things that went wrong, but everyone told us they liked the ceremony and reception.  

I got really nervous during the reception because some of the older folks left early.  I know this is to be expected but it was a small wedding and most of the older ones beelined out right after dinner.  I did, however, expect my husband's own parents to stay for a 5 hour reception especially when it ended at 9pm and they had absolutely no responsibilities as far as the wedding goes.  The wanted to leave at 7 (ceremony at 3, cocktails at 4) before we had even cut the cake, but my husband talked them into staying at least until after that.  They missed us singing (my husband and a lot of our friends were in a glee club in college) and our sparkler send off. They said, "We're tired" and then drove back to the hotel, checked out, and drove two and half hours home!  My mother-in-law didn't even say good-bye.

And I would just like to add that my grandmother who has renal cancer which has spread to her lungs who is on a walker, stayed for the entire reception (and sat for a 5 hour car ride on the same day).  

Just need to vent.  We only asked for one day.  It really hurt my feelings. 
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