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Hello everyone! Im knew to this site, and can find it all a little overwhelming at times. My wedding date isn't until next May its a sunset beach wedding. My boyfriend(soon to be fiancé) and I have booked the ceremony site( Crandon park, in key Biscayne,florida) now we  are just  having issues finding a venue for the reception. We originally agreed to finding a nice restaurant in the brickell are, which isn't too far from key Biscayne, but most of them want a very expensive deposit jut for a reservation. So our plan B is to find an inexpensive hall to rent and host the reception there. I just need a hall, we have someone to come in and decorate, and serve/prepare the food. Id really appreciate it if some of you lovely ladies can offer some advice.

thanks, and congratulations to all of the newly engaged.

Re: inexpensive reception venue

  • Hello! Wedding planning can absolutely be overwhelming, especially on a budget! I'm sure you'll figure it out though, no worries!

    However, I think you may want to move this post to the local Florida boards. This is the board local to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You'll have bettter luck finding people who know about about the area on closer local board. :)
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