Wedding Woes

Family dramz things

1. I finally found out why my Mormon cousin was banned from the temple for his brother's wedding.  He admitted to watching online porn.  He's also got a GF who's divorced...IDK if she's Mormon or not, but they are 'taking things slow'.  I hope it means, 'slowly moving away from cray religion'.  

2. My aunt called no one to tell them that my uncle was having both hips replaced earlier this month.  We all found out via FB.  My mom posted about going on vacation, getting a new job, and vaguebooked about my sis's pregnancy.  My aunt is mad at, and not speaking to, my mom because my mom expressed how upset she was that she found out about my uncle's surgery via FB instead of a  phone call.  My aunt says that *she's* mad at my mom for not telling her about their vacation OR her new job via a phone call.  Because major surgery is totally the same as a job change or vacation.  

3. My parents called my other aunt, who's son knocked up his underage GF (17, I think), who has an unstable home life, for a second time in a year to tell her my sister is pregnant.  She was not happy.  She's also mad we all (my parents and sisters) won't come to Chicago for Easter and now she wants to send the GF and my cousin down to 'meet' us.  She was irritated that my mom was all, "Uh OK." 

The aunts in #2 and #3 are my dad's sisters and wonder why we don't want to get together with them ever.  

I seriously have the most normal parents on both sides of the family.  If I had to pick other parents, I'd go with DH's aunt and uncle who have the farm.  
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