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Okay, so I'm really debating whether or not to hire a wedding planner for day-of/month-of coordination.  I feel like I've got a pretty good handle on the whole planning thing and I've got a LOT of free time right now, so it's hard for me to justify hiring someone for the full she-bang (especially because I'm enjoying this so much!).  However, I'm worried about the actual day of the wedding.  I would prefer that neither myself, nor my mother/bridesmaids/MOH/etc be running around trying to get stuff done or chasing around vendors.  I'd like to be able to enjoy the day with my family and friends.

I'm also trying to stay within budget, so I'm shopping around.  Does anyone have any good suggestions/reviews about wedding planners in NOLA?  How about day-of coordination?  And if you don't mind including a price range, that would be great!  I'll take any and all suggestions! :)

I appreciate all of your help!  Good luck planning, everyone!

Re: Wedding Planners

  • Honestly, I felt the same way about a coordinator.  I didn't feel it was necessary.  So glad I went with a day-of coordinator!  thankfully I was able to use the girl at the hotel where I had my ceremony (Chateau LeMoyne) and she charged me $400 while everyone else was around $1000.  I know that Beth's flowers also did coordination can't remember the price. 

    Retrospectively (I'm gonna review the whole thing in my thread soon!)  I really wish I had just spent the money on a more inclusive coordinator.  I absolutely LOVED my girl, she did a great job keeping me informed the months prior, was soooo sweet and even drove me to my hair trial the day before!  But the day of, was kinda lacking. A lot of my decorations didn't get put in place, my cake got thrown away (long story), and my photographer was never contacted to make sure she knew the in's and out's of the venue for the best shots (which she didn't). 

    So my advice.  I know it stinks to spend the money but I think it's worth it.  I really wish I had done it.  It really helps with organizing the vendors the morning of, like cake, caterer, rentals, flowers etc.... which is very needed.  And what my girl did very well, was keeping the schedule going to make sure you maximize your time.  Without that you get kinda lost with so much going on.  I can't remember...are you a destination bride?  If so, pm me questions if you need.  I learned A LOT this past weekend about things that I could've done to make things easier, and would love to help out.
  • @littledarlingnikki Hey, thanks so much for the comment!  Actually, I went ahead and hired a planner- well planners (Down Annie Lane)- because they were so reasonably priced.  $800 for the whole thing, from now until the day of.  I did it because I started getting a little overwhelmed when things started going wrong- like an error in my ring that the jewelry store lied about and my photographer being really sucky/always late/poor photos (which is killing me and I'm still trying to work all of it out)- plus I just got a new job, so it's been a little crazy. 

    I'm sorry to hear about your cake!  Overall, did you day go well?  I will PM you to chat; I do have a few questions.  Congratulations to you!!
  • Overall things went well.  But make sure you choose your MOH carefully.  She kinda ruined all my before wedding fun stuff by being pretty much MIA.  I had to do just about EVERYTHING myself.   

    Who did you end up going with for photos?  I'm not going to fully review everything till I see my proofs but I'm a little nervous.  I was supposed to do my 1st look and bridal and couple photos before the wedding which didn't happen, and it cut into my time.  Plus she never scouted my venue (which I wasn't able to do), so when it came time to take the bridal photos it was a bit, "ugh... I don't know lets walk around"  which did not make me happy.  Plus, I HATE posed formal shots, and even though I requested a lot of photos w/ family etc... I'm worried that is all I got.  But really... I want to wait till I get the proofs, cause those who saw some of her photos were raving!

    The courtyard at the Chateau LeMoyne was great.  But it was raining before the ceremony so I didn't get a chance to do any of the decorating that I had envisioned.  Everyone else thought it was beautiful, but all I could see was what wasn't done. Same with the ballroom, which wasn't as pretty as I had hoped.  And again, I lacked the time to decorate as I thought I would.  But damn....the FOOD!!! It was incredible!  I am still getting emails, texts, and comments about how it was the best wedding food anyone ever tasted.  It was worth it alone for that!  Richard Fiske's really did such a great job.

    Glad you decided to go with the planner though.  I think all my problems would have been solved if I had done that.  I'll check my PM's for you.
  • @littledarlingnikki OMG I am so sorry to hear that!  I'm going to pm you now!
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