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Costco peeps:

Does your Costco carry San Pellegrino?  We are out and DH is getting withdrawal-y.  I know Sam's carries it, but TBH, I would not be averse to a chicken bake.  Especially since I didn't bring my lunch today.  (I made a big batch of pasta salad on Sunday, and by today, I'm getting a little sick of it.)

It's not on their website, but the website seems to be just items you can order online, whereas Sam's lets you filter by online only, in-store, or both.  And I wouldn't be surprised if they don't sell it online--those cases are heavy and shipping would kill you, to say nothing of breakage.  Google seemed to indicate that it was available in the past at some stores, but not sure what the current situation is. 

Re: Costco peeps:

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    It is available in our store.  You can always call and ask too.
  • Yes, I've seen it at my Costco (at both Costcos in my area, actually). 

    San Pellegrino is carbonated water, no? La Croix is cheaper.  They carry that in 2 15pks for about $8.  I know San Pellegrino is a lot more than that.  

    I'm pissed that Costco stopped carrying cases of Ice Mountain Sparkling. They used to carry a case of 24 bottles in 4 flavors. 
  • Mine does.

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  • Costco stores vary inventory store by store. The one across town that GayH goes to carries a bunch of stuff mine never has, so I'd call.
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    They had a ton of S. Pellegrino, and it had instant savings.  :)

    Also, they had Hanna Andersson dresses for $15.  Of course the two that DD would have liked only went up to size 110, and she's really growing into a 120, so boo.  They had one in 120, but it was pretty meh.  FWP.

    Also, there was some discussion here re: the chicken bake sauce, so I paid attention, and per the menu board, it is Caesar dressing.  ::bangs gavel once, so it's official:: 

    ETA:  I remembered the diet Dr. Pepper this time, and when our vending machine at work was out of it just now, I went to the car and grabbed a couple cans.  Now I'm thinking I should carry an emergency stash of Dr. Pepper, for just such a situation.
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