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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Ceremony Do-over?? Am I ridiculous?

Hi Ladies!

I was just married on September 18 (yay!!), and even thought it was an amazing day, I’ve been feeling the “post wedding blues”….not because it’s all over, but mostly because I feel like the entire day was spent putting out fires and putting up with other people’s BS….between my family and wedding party, there were so many Diva Episodes that it totally took away from my enjoyment of the day.  I guess this is pretty common, so I’m trying to just focus on the positive aspects of the day…. BUT….I’ve been thinking… my husband and I are taking our honeymoon in Barbados in a couple of months….would it be super ridiculous to have a “second ceremony” there???  Nothing fancy, just something VERY low key…without all of the insanity of our relatives buzzing around….no drama, just he and I saying our vows in front of the ocean…maybe some photos and a couple of flowers….what do you think??  is that overkill???  Am I just being a Belated Bridezilla?? 

Re: Ceremony Do-over?? Am I ridiculous?

  • If there was no drama at the ceremony itself, I wouldn't do it again. 
  • You are NOT alone!  My original wedding was THE worst day of my life!  NOTHING went the way we planned and my aunt crashed the weekend and then threw a temper tantrum because we didn't make a big deal in our thank you speeches.  My sister-in-law had the photographer take over 75 pictures of just her and her husband because they didn't get a real engagement session.  NONE of the pictures turned out either.  Basically anything that could go wrong....did! 
    My husband and I are redoing our entire wedding next summer.  I am really excited because we are doing it our way and have spoken to those offenders about their behaviour last time.  This time I can have all the things I want...rather than what everyone else (who weren't paying) wanted. 
    If you want a do-over and know that it would give you better memories - then do it!

    Good luck!
  • Go for it!!!

    DH and I are also planning a do-over.  Everything about the whole process was ruined by his family, right from the moment we got engaged to the point we walked out of the reception.  I kept hoping and praying things would change, but as the day got closer it got worse and worse. 
    Although our pictures are artistic and awesome, there are only a few where we are smiling.  We did a TTHD session a few weeks after and the photos are awesome, you can tell we are a lot happier!!!
    We aren't sure when and where yet (have to finish the house and move), but our do-over will just be about us and our love for each other.  I can't wait to plan it.  :)


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  • I think you should, it would be so much more sweet and romantic being just the two of you. I think that that's what weddings are about, about the love you two have for another and you should celebrate that everyday in every possible way. Enjoy your second ceremony!
  • You could do something VERY low-key. As in, the kind of thing you don't plan now, other than maybe buy a tripod.
  • I completely agree with anwallette. (In fact, your post gave me a little boost!) I'm planning a bit of a do-over, and my wedding was this past August. Truly, if our day was beautiful in our minds, we wouldn't be dabbling in a remake.

    His mother simply ruined my rehearsal dinner, then I when I brought it to her attention the next day, she railroaded me. So there I was, the bride, defending myself the day before my wedding. I cried endlessly in front of my two maids of honor that night. The day after the wedding when our family was driving back, I was bawling in the passenger seat. 

    That's just a little window of what my bride-to-be time was like, but I can barely look at my wedding photos. So, I'm with you girly! Let's plan our do-overs.

  • Nicole - don't listen to others...listen to what your gut is telling you!

    Slim143 - let's!  I'm so sad to hear that you cried the whole time.  I burned the 7 photos that did turn out and felt so much more vindicated!  

    I have gotten mixed reactions from family who think that it is either the greatest thing...or the stupidest thing.  Basically DH and I want a day that WE want...not everyone else.  I actually got a dress this time (SIL told me that I wasn't allowed to get married 9 months on either side of her wedding) and can't wait to wear it!

    My MIL has gotten a taste of what is it like to be completely cut OUT of a wedding - BIL and his wifezilla got married in a completely tasteless, let's milk our parents for all of their money, cookie-cutter wedding and refused to let the ILs help out at all, other than to write a big cheque for half of the trainwreck.  She has been much better behaved so far....so I am keeping my fingers crossed!
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