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Nevada-Las Vegas

Limo/Tour Opinions/Advise

Hi All,

I'm new to the board and I wish I'd found it sooner! Such a wealth of information and WOW! Thanks so MUCH to all who contribute.. it's amazing!  My fiancé and I are Vegas first timers and we're planning on running off to get married in 2 weeks.  We assumed that we would just go alone, get married and enjoy the city, but were surprised to have 8 friends get tickets and jump on board with us. 

We're staying at Caesars, and so far, we've arranged our ceremony at 5pm on the Strip with the Las Vegas Wedding Wagon, and we would like to know...

1.) What Limo services would you recommend for a 2 hour Strip/Fremont street tour?

We originally wanted to hire a photo/limo tour but I've researched and it seems that most of the photography is fairly amateur. Would we be better off just hiring a Limo service and taking our own pics? 

2.) We would like to have a dinner after the wedding in the vicinity of Caesars and the Bellagio since the ceremony will be near there.  We would love to go someplace where we can have entertainment AND dinner, but basically just somewhere nice that's not astronomically expensive. Our group is full of foodies, so we're open to all suggestions. 

3.)  I'd also like to have a cake ready for after our meal.  So I'm also looking for a restaurant that may also offer DELICOUS cakes Or possibly have one delivered?  Ideas?

4.) Our group of girls would like to get hair and makeup done.  I've found prices all over the board, but would like be considerate of everyone's budget.  Recommendations? 

Sorry for so many questions, but I TRUELY appreciate any and all input! We are so looking forward to our trip.  Oh also, we are all in our 40's if that helps with suggestions! Thanks again!

Re: Limo/Tour Opinions/Advise

  • 1. For the tour..I would recommend getting a bus and looking into one of the well known photographers (see vegasgroom.com). I just booked Nevada Party Bus and he has been great!

    2. You may need to narrow down the food/price as there are MANY options.

    3. Freed's seems to be popular. We are doing boozey cupcakes from Sin City Cupcakes.

    4. Popular hair and makeup: Beauty by Bri, Harmony Makeup in the 702,

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  • 1. No recommendations on this one.

    2. Food preference and general pp cost would be helpful. This could range from Maggiano's to Gordson Ramsay Steak, given your current criteria.

    3. I know there are brides on here that have gotten cakes with their meals from Wicked Spoon (I think?) so that could solve your #2 issue too, if you went with a place like that. Otherwise I vote for Drago Sisters cake.

    4. We are using Stevee Danielle. You might want to ask your girls their budgets first, but I want to say pricing ranges from $150-200 for hair and airbrush makeup.
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  • Photography depends on your budget. The better the photography, the more you're going to spend. The really glam photographers probably won't do strip tours. We're thinking about hiring Bentley & Wilson for ours (still in beginning planning stages here so can't give true feedback).

    I loved Sugar Factory at Paris many times over, but we're not foodies. (Does anyone know what Sugar Factory is now? Last I heard it was just "Bar & Grill.") BurGR at Planet Hollywood is always a favorite (portions are massive too), and Hash House A Go Go at the Linq is just plain fun, if you don't mind getting down & dirty and waiting for a table. It's not my scene, but it's a tourist, local and celebrity favorite for a reason.

    In a pinch, there's a killer cupcake place that also just opened on the Linq Promenade. They have a cupcake ATM. I have no idea how this works, but when I was there in September, it was absolutely swamped.

    No feedback on wedding makeup & hair yet, as I haven't researched ANY of this yet.
  • 1) For my H's 30th I booked AWG's 16 passenger limo coach (which is perfect for 10 + a cooler, 16 would be cramped) and loved it.  I would take your own pics or hire a photographer to join you.

    2) I always end up at Joe's when I go to Ceasers.  No entertainment, but damn good seafood and steak at not astronomical prices (at least compared to high end steak houses).

    3) I used my venues but Freeds was good when we tasted there.  I <3 cupcakes though, you really can't go wrong with those either.

    4) It's off strip but my girls that wanted pro H&M used Erika at Liquid the Salon.  I'm local so we had cars, I don't know if she travels to hotel rooms but it wouldn't hurt to ask.  If I remember right she was able to give them a discount for being early in the day and booking as a group that ended up being around $100/person.  I can hunt down some photos if that's something that interests you.


  • Using Beauty by Bri. Met with her when we there last month. Very nice, great communication. For three of us plus my trial was 560.. That is hair and makeup for all. 

    We are doing cupcakes from Drago Sisters. Did tasting and was amazing.They do cakes as well.  Very helpful too. 

    If you don't mind going off strip for dinner- Hugo's on Freemont is wonderful. 
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