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Hey Guys! 

This is my first post to the Knot Discussions! I am super excited to be throwing a ceremony, cocktails and reception at Disneyland! 

I just wanted some input on budgets. I know that it being Disney it's going to be super expensive.

From our initial meeting, we planned for $35,000 but expect $40,000. What I'd like to know is how (if any of you have had disney weddings) you budgeted, what you included, what you could live without. Basically, what is the best plan on utilizing our budget and getting the most out of Disney? 

Any sample budgets of past or present Disney wedding would be great as well as overall budget ideas! 

Thank you so much! 

Re: Disney Fairytale Wedding

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    "Budget weddings" board is generally for weddings under $10,000 so you might not get the best responses here from people who don't have the kind of money you are spending. Maybe post to luxury weddings, or the local board for central California.

    @dignity100 got married at Disneyworld I believe.....



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    I'm happy to move your post- just let me know where you would prefer to have it.
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    Hi There

    I had a Disney World wedding; I went with the Escape package which would have different budget allowances.

    I can tell you that your budget is completely do-able for a Wishes wedding and have heard of brides getting away spending less than your budgeted amount.

    Feel free to PM me if you would like any information on the process or information on other resources that I found helpful when planning my wedding.

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    jenna8984 ! 

    I apologize. Since I am new, I had no idea there was a certain budget at all. I was under the impression that we were discussing budgets in general and found that this would be a great place to get ideas and help since our disney wedding is not going to be as luxurious as most, but rather very simple! 

    Thank you! 
  • @Dignity100

    Thank you so much for the input, I will definitely be in touch with you! So happy for your help! 

  • wandajune6 

    Can you remove my post please? I will plan my own budget! 

    Thank you to everyone for the help! 
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    Can you remove my post please? I will plan my own budget! 

    Thank you to everyone for the help! 
    You can't remove a post, and deleting it is considered rude.  You can have it moved to a different board if you feel it belongs there better. 

  • wandajune6 

    Luxury Weddings please 
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    Moving you now!
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    Let me know if you still do not get the responses you need on this board. I can also try moving it to the Destination Weddings board of the local California board. 


  •    I had a Disney Escape wedding. We initially were going to have a wishes Wedding for around 80 people and we priced it out at around 25K. 

       We then decided to just do immediate family. At the time our escape package was 5K and included all fees and tips. I only had to hire a photographer. I didn't spend any extra on decorations or any of the upgrades except we added an extra appetizer. 

       It was Disney, so everything was impeccable. So worth the money and all I basically had to do was show up in the dress. 
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    We are doing ours at Disney World and doing the Wishes collection. Our tasting is Wed, so hopefully we will have a better idea of the budget, once floral, photography etc are all added in. Im guestimating that it will be around 60-70 thousand once taxes & fees are in??

    We are doing the ceremony at the wedding pavilion which is about 4,000 for the site fee, cocktails in Italy(Epcot) for fireworks which is about 500 for site fee & 10 dollars a person for viewing fee, then reception at the American Adventure Rotunda for I believe 2500 or 3000 for site fee. I believe food is $150 a person(we are having 150 guests) plus we are doing open bar for the 5 hours, video streaming for those who cant make it, we will have our friend be our DJ(he is also a DJ for Disney), at the ceremony we will have trumpeteers, a harpist, singer & pianist. We plan on doing a photo session in front of the castle as well as the normal bridal photo session.

    The things we kind of want to do, but don't REALLY need to do are the glass carriage arrival(I believe it comes from next door at the Grand Floridian) so you are in it for 5 min. However if I and both of our flower girls & both of our ring bearers were in it as well, it would make it more worthwhile, for the kids to enjoy it. The other frivolous item we kind of like is Major Domo, he is the official announcer of everyone & brings the rings down the aisle in a Cinderella slipper on a pillow. Totally unnecessary but fun, none the less :)  

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