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Has anyone rented a beach house before it is finished?

We are definitely renting an oceanfront house in the Outer Banks for our wedding next fall. We had narrowed it down to two and were going to forgo a couple of amenities but then I stumbled upon one that has everything we are looking is just not finished yet. It will be by June but I want to reserve our house now. I'm worried about renting a house that we cannot see the finished product of but the management company says it will be exactly like the renderings. Has anyone done this before?

Re: Has anyone rented a beach house before it is finished?

  • I don't recall anyone having done that before, but I am sure you will be fine. What re tal company/house is it? A lot of us have vacationed there for years and most of the rental companies really take care of their renters.


  • As OBX said, I can't think of anyone who has done this. What rental company is it with? Can you get a refund of your deposit if you end up not liking it? I know when we were visiting venues there were ones we liked based on pictures, but once we saw in person, they weren't what we had hoped, so that would be my only concern.
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