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All you past brides... What was your favorite gift?

One of my best friends is having her shower/getting married soon, and I want to do something a little out of the box.  I would love your ideas. TIA!

Re: All you past brides... What was your favorite gift?

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    A great shower gift I got was a good friend of mine brought a recipe box to the shower that she had partially filled with some of her favorite recipes and then she brought plenty of blank cards for people at the shower to fill out with some of their favorite recipes for me to have.  It was a great gift! 

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    One of my guests made a date night basket for us, it had a blanket, bottle of sparkling cider (you could do wine), two glasses, a movie, a couple bags of popcorn, different candies (chocolate bars, whoppers, licorice...), a candle, and lotion.  Then she put on a note about how even though we are married and life gets busy and into a routine that we always need to take time together for a date night just the two of us.

    I loved this gift and can't wait to use it when we are still worked up after the wedding and busy with thank you cards and merging houses and just need to relax!
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    The most toaching gift I received was a shadow box my aunt made with the wedding invitation all nicely laid out, an engagement picture of us, and a spot for a wedding picture and maybe one wedding momento.  It was so beautiful I teared up....better than any registry gift.
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    This is SO small and simple, but we got this personalized frame. It was awesome! The couple made it on and it is SO cool! It is black and in white letters it says our name, "husband," "wife,"and our last name. I went online right after I say it and they are pretty inexpensive as well. In fact, I think I plan on doing that for my MOH's wedding in August. I just think they are soooo cool! Check them out! :)
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